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Central Vacuum Installation FAQ's

Q: How do I select the correct power unit for my new home?

Ans: Add the total square footage for each floor of your home, including the basement and garage. If it's within 10% of the rated cleaning ability of the power unit, we recommend that you select the next larger canister to insure optimum cleaning power.

Q: Where is the power unit typically installed?

Ans: The power unit is typically located in a utility room, basement, or garage.

Q: Does the complete system have to be installed at one time?

Ans: No. Some homeowners choose to rough-in the tubing system when a home is being built and then complete the system by adding the power unit and inlet valves at a later date.

Q: Do systems need to be exhausted to the exterior?

Ans: True Cyclonic Systems must be exhausted to the outside. Filtered Cyclonic Systems do not.

Q: Will I need an inlet valve installed in every room?

Ans: No. For maximum cleaning convenience and whole-house coverage, inlet valves are strategically placed throughout the home. Typically, one inlet valve will cover 600 sq. ft. of living space.

Q: What is the standard height for installing the inlet valve?

Ans: Valve height varies with the height of the finished baseboard being used.

Q: How much tubing should I figure per inlet valve?

Ans: Each valve will use approximately 20' of tubing.

Q: How many square feet will one valve cover?

Ans: One valve will cover 600 sq. ft. of living space. This estimate is based on using a standard 30' hose. If a shorter hose is used, more valves are required.

Q: How long does it take to install a Central Vacuum System?

Ans: Installation may vary depending on the number of inlets required in your new home.

Q: My central vacuum has lost a lot of its suction. What is the most likely cause?

Ans: Possible causes of poor system performance are dirty filters, leaky inlet valves, blocked intake or exhaust pipes or a clogged system hose.

Q: Why does my system keep running even when my hose is removed?

Ans: The most likely cause is a faulty relay circuit board, which would need replacement.

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